Upcycling Old Eyeglass Cases

Here in How-to-Recycle, we are always looking for a ways to reuse and recycle everyday things and objects. We haven’t done a post about how can we reuse eyeglass cases. Today we just find new uses for those extra cases laying around your house. Get inspired! Always in the green and saving mode and think of ways to upcycle eyeglass cases.


Wine Cork Projects

Wine cork projects are the best way for a regular wine drinkers to make use of their cork collection. Rather than sending those wine corks to waste, challenge yourself of coming up with clever ways to reuse them... Whether you have just a few wine corks or a ton, there’s a project waiting for you. Watch them below!

Soda Plastic Bottle Bottom Crafts

Sometimes in making a plastic bottle projects, you have to use only a portion of it (maybe your project is an inverted flowering pot perhaps) and you don't want to throw the bottom of the bottle. Well... good news for you, today I have some soda plastic bottle bottom projects to share in which those waste bottom can turn into flowers, curtains, toys, holders and more. Many of these crafts need a little time, a few art supplies, a pair of scissors, a soda plastic bottom bottles, your creativity and imagination.

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